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Singer/songwriter Tenille Ja’Nae is a rising Pop/Soul artist who also fits comfortably in the adult contemporary genre. Living between New York & Boston, Tenille Ja'Nae, born and raised in Little Rock, AR,  has taken her experiences to create music that is real, heartfelt, and relevant. Tenille Ja'Nae centers crafting her lyrics around touchstone material that inspires and resonates with the listener.

Diving in, you'll get a supple dose of swooning breaks, a feeling of throbbing soul, and cascading vocal toplines. In Tenille Ja'Nae's universe, all subject matter is honest, and her reflective lyrical styles have a place in every heart..

Tenille Ja'Nae appears in the RnB scene as a confident, expressive songwriter and lyricist who endeavors to remind others about self-love and empowerment--and unsurprisingly, her music makes you feel just that.  

"Music is the universal language of mankind."

                                                             - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

© 2018 Tenille Ja'Nae

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